Action Plans & Theories of Action Based on Books Read

What were some of the big ideas in this book?

  • Decrease doubt by taking action
  • Make action plans -"First comes thought, then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality"(p.24)
  • Live what you preach
  • "Schools should award diplomas for what we do rather than what we know"(p.6)
  • "Action is the real measure of intelligence"(p.6)
  • Be one known as someone who "gets things done"(p.53)
  • Actions are preceded by thoughts.
  • Follow the cycle of act-reflect-act better-reflect
  • Pray but take action too.
  • Imitate what the winners do.
  • Take time to think of ideas and apply them.
  • Negative thinking is the root cause of stress.
  • If recalling the past, recall your good times and accomplishments.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Focus on improvement and taking on projects that will help one improve.
  • To get out of doubt and fears, start taking action which can make us feel courageous and confident.
  • Give people challenges by asking "'Why don't you...?'"(p.42)
  • He suggests we follow the inner quiet creative voice and try to be immune to others' opinions [but I think it is good to listen to those opinions but think and decide for yourself].
  • It is good to be one that decides quickly, people usually delay for fear of making mistake. Proctor says try doing what is right but also be one who reflects at the end of the day to learn from experiences.
  • Keep body healthy.
  • Help others also to achieve their goals and continually work on bringing your goals to reality.
  • Keep finding ways to serve others and the community.
  • Implement new and different behaviours to change results.
  • Make choices and decisions. "They decided to do it" (p. 115).
  • Choose to go the extra mile and do a good job.
  • Associate with good people. Seek out those that will support you. Try to change the subject when people are complaining or seek another environment.
  • Talk about big ideas, but instead of being more of a talker, be more of someone who takes action.
  • Increase your concentration skills: "The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus" (p. 76).
  • Plan to take actions to prevent relationships from their natural course of becoming stale.
  • Know that going through crises makes one more wise and strong
  • Write out your goal on the top of a document or paper and write ideas of HOW you can reach it.  
  • Mind impacts our vibration which impacts what is attracted to us.
  • Be humble & persist to overcome and go through obstacles and keep thinking of ways and means to reach your goal: "Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence- is the key to unlocking our potential" (p. 198).  
  • When reaching for your goals see criticism from others as "unpleasant but a necessary part of the experience" (p. 128).
  • Use your energy to choose your thoughts.
  • Writing helps develop thinking as it aids in becoming aware of one's thinking.
  • What one thinks about and is dominant expresses itself into our lives.
  • It is ideal if the work one does is work that one thinks is important, matches their values and one is competent in it and enjoys it.
  • Avoid rushing, instead seek to work effectively, prioritize and focus on the most important.
  • "When one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear" (Rosa Parks as cited in Proctor, 2015).
  • Your self-image is important, write out your ideal self by making a conscious decision of what one wants to be,do and have and then imbed it in one's subconscious mind through repetition.
  • Know that what I want needs to be earned.
  • Giving of one's gifts and knowledge first is important.
  • Be one that faces the problems in one's life head on instead of trying to escape all the time and know that problems are opportunities in disguise.
  • To be a pro- study, practice and seek to improve each day and to be stronger. Make a habit of studying in the area you want to improve in. Studying helps you discover the HOW of reaching one's goal.
  • Create a goal to reach a specific result, then plan and take steps in that direction.
  • "Solitude is the school of genius" (p. 172).
  • Think of the audience more than my own self when giving a speech and know your topic, break it up and associate a picture for each section.  Speak so that others understand and aim to develop a relationship with the audience.
  • Deeds shape the person.
  • Use person's name.
  • Make and keep commitments.
  • Be like a steamboat that continually goes towards its goal and when problems come go within and fix what is wrong and continue.
  • Book time to be alone, reflect and think.  "Think. Think deep, penetrating thoughts..."(p. 186).
  • Have a goal to be a master at something.

Theories of Action based on some of the Ideas in this Book:

  1. If I make action plans to help me reach my goals then I am more likely to reach my goal.
  2. If I focus more on implementing specific actions based on what I have learned then I will have better results in my life.
  3. If I take more positive actions based on research then it will show my level of intelligence
  4. If I study to find out what the winners do and implement what they do in my life then I might get better results.
  5. If I keep a journal to record good ideas and write out my intentions to apply the ideas and track it, then I am likely to get better results in my life.
  6. If I start the habit of making decisions quickly without the fear of making a mistake and take it all as adding to my level of experience then I might have better results in my life.
  7. If I keep finding ways to serve and help others then also I might increase the results in my life.
  8. If I learn new behaviours and try them out then I might have better results in my life.
  9. If I learn how to consciously make choices and decisions in a clear manner, then I might improve my life.
  10. If I choose carefully who I associate with, people who are supportive and encouraging, then this might impact my life positively.
  11. If I choose to talk about big ideas and focus more on taking action than just being a talker, then it might impact my life positively.
  12. If I focus on writing out ideas on how to achieve my goals then I might end up taking the right steps to reach my goals.
  13. If I persist towards my goal no matter what obstacles come up, then I may get stronger, wiser and reach the goal.
  14. If I make studying and applying ideas a habit, then I might reach a higher level of success in life.

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