Imagery in The Martian Chronicles

Sight: " Stendahl drank in, the dreariness, the oppression, the fetid vapors, the whole 'atmosphere,' so delicately contrived and fitted. And that House! That crumbling horror, that evil lake, the fungi, the extensive decay! Plastic or otherwise, who could guess?" (104)

Sound: "In the kitchen the breakfast stove gave a hissing sigh.. eight pieces of perfectly browned toast, eight eggs sunnyside up, sixteen slices of bacon... "(166)

Smell: "They carried odorous paper bags into which from time to time upon the long walk they would insert their noses to inhale the rich smell of the ham and mayonnaised pickles"(88)

Touch: "Water ran down his nose into his lips. Another drop hit his eye, blurring it. Another splashed his chin." (76)

Sight: " ...and a grandfather clock ticked high and long and bronzed in one corner. There were soft pillows on large couches and walls filled with books and a rug cut in a thick rose pattern, ..." (41)

Sound:  " A brass band exploded in the sunlight, flinging off a gay tune from upraised tubas and trumpets. there was a bang of drums and a shrill of fifes."(42)

Smell: "From the deep freeze he fetched rimed cartons of beans and strawberries, twenty years old. Lazarus come forth, he thought, and pulled out a cool chicken.  The air was full of cooking odors when the rocket landed." (158-159)

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