project life

By: Dacia Madson


I am single, with no children or other half. I am a bank teller, driving 9 miles each day to an from work.


Annual Salary: $26,000 a year.

Net income: $1,893 a month

Taxes Pay Each month: $423.00

Established Expenses!

Health & Life insurance: $15.00

Medical & Dental: $30.00

Personal Savings: $236.00

Charitable: $18.93

Unlucky: $35.00

Chance card!

One day in a cab ride, happen to see a brief case laying on the seat next to me, which had an ID tag. You reported their loss, and my behavior bought me a reward from the owner. I got $150.00 for the reward, LUCKY ME!



I am a renter. I live in Savage Minnesota. I pay $450.00 a month, rooming with anther friend.


Electic & Power: $132.51 a month

Sewer & Water: $94.65 a month

Phone Payment: 94.65 monthly


I have bought a used car, but new to me! Each month i'm making a payment of $195.30. It is a 2009, Chevy Cobalt. With a fuel coast of about $70.00 a month for driving to work. I pay 95$ each month on fuel and a small savings incase something were to happen to my vehicle and id need soemthing fixed.

Home Improvement and My furiture!

To make my home a little like feeling at home I choose to purchases a few newt hings for my house. A book case which coasted $30.00, couch which coasted me $160.00 and a coffee table which was $50.00. Each month I spend $140.00 each month to improve my home feeling.

Food, Household, and personal!

My Menu:

Monday- (breakfast) blue berry pop tart with orange juice,

lunch- Mac and cheese with can of pop,

dinner-corn dogs with milk, for my late snack i am having Oreo cookies.

Tuesday- breakfast- cream of wheat

lunch- grill cheese with soup,

dinner- tacos,

an orange for snack.

Wednesday- breakfast- oatmeal

lunch- hot dogs,

dinner- chicken pasta

snack an apple

Thursday- breakfast- eggs

, lunch- cheesy eggs and toast,

dinner- spaghetti with

yogurt for snack time.

Friday- breakfast- microwave waffles,


dinner- sloppy Jo

snack time chips.

Saturday- Breakfast toast and eggs

lunch- tuna sandwich

dinner chicken salad with ranch and grapes

Each week I spend $115.53

Clothing and Accesories!

When going shopping I had a limit. The limit was 38.00$. when I went shopping I had to purchases a pair of shoes for work and one pair of pants. I spent $37.97 on my two purchases.

Cable and Dinning out!

Each month I pay $50.00 each month for cable. I do not eat out! That is my way of saving money.