Positive Use of Technology
By: Regan Beagle & Braley Monaghan

6th&7th graders Chromebooks
8th graders Macbooks

Distance Education

According to educase.edu, through Internet and video courses—helps those who have to work a job and go to school at the same time better schedule their learning opportunities.

Job Skills

According to edutopia.org, technology will help students acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based economy. Also The Web connects students to experts in the real world and provides numerous opportunities for expressing understanding through images, sound, and text.   

Learning Different Languages  

According to mashable.com students can set up language lessons with a native speaker who lives in another country and attend the lessons via videoconferencing. Models and simulations, beyond being a powerful tool for teaching concepts, can also give teachers a much richer picture of how students understand them.  



7th: Sean McCarthy

8th:Tyler Cornell

Teacher: Mrs. Grosdidier


Answers from around the School

Lillian Leslie: "I think technology is good because we can find answers super quick."

Shayle Morales: "It is very helpful for getting things done all the time and you can email your teacher all the time."

Mrs. Tiffany: "I love it!"

Olivia Demoreuille: "Technology makes learning easier."

Austin Coale: "Its really cool!"

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