I Survived

I have been reading I Survived Hurricane Katrina.The main character in the book is Barry.The book is about Barry trying to survive Hurricane Katrina.What I just read in the book was when Barry was in the hurricane, he fell out of his house and then found another house.  He also found a dog that belongs to person he knows and this person is mean to him. The person who is mean to him told him that his dog is a killer dog.

Barry climbed up the house with the killer dog in it. Barry saw the dog, so he was struggling to get out, but then, when he got out, he heard a howl. He felt bad, so he went in to grab the dog. They went upstairs so there was not any water and Barry noticed that they were going to starve if they did not get some food. They ran downstairs and saw the refrigerator, and he opened it and saw food in it. This is what I have read in I Survived Hurricane Katrina.

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3 years ago

These are good summaries, J. For your next post, see if you can say something about how the author writes the book. Do you think she does a good job of adding descriptive details? Can you find some examples? Does she keep you wondering what will happen next? How? You can also give your opinion of the main character. What do you think of Barry? Would you make the same choices he does? He definitely has to be afraid. His compassion shows through when he goes back to save a dog that might possibly attack him! Wow! I can't wait to hear more about this book!