Brenden Dzikowski

Above is a picture of a book and a movie. One reason why this describes me is because i don't follow others. I tend to stick to what i want to do and don't let others change it. As the people in the movie do they never leave family behind, and money is the last thing they think about. Where the first thing I do is help family and don't think about money until last.

3 Interesting things

Coming out of nowhere and, not wanting to be seen. Swarming around to stay hidden in the depths of the shadows. Brave enough to try almost anything in mind. Not afraid on anyone and just holding your own. Not asking people to do things for you, instead you take it upon yourself to do things.

Strong headed not letting anything get by without seeing it. Staying put in one spot for a period of time, and only taking order from one person. Doing what is asked of you to be done and not talking back. Just doing something without having to be asked more than once.  

Holding your ground and not afraid of a fight. Doing anything it takes to survive. Searching outside for anything to do even if your alone. Always wanting to explore new things outdoors even in the middle of fall.


Graduating high school by getting good grades throughout the years, and not failing a single subject. Military academy after high school turning it into a career, and going into early retirement. Then live life with my family day and night not having to go anywhere for a while.

A place I've wanted to go since i was young. The reason why i have always want to go is because i am part German, and always wanted to understand the culture a little bit more. There are certain places that are amazing and breathtaking.

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