Jurassic World: 5 Raptor-ous Revelations From The New Trailer

Here are some of the biggest moments from the new trailer

1) Pratt knows how to talk to the animals

We've long known that Pratt's character, Owen Grady, was capable of taming the wildest beasts ever known to man. But now we know how he does it: by simply chatting with them. " Stand down" he tells a pack of raptors, who dutifully (if crankily) oblige. Later he explains: " Its not about control. Its a relationship based on respect."

It may seem crazy that his method works, but keep in mind: All of the victims in the first three Jurassic films insisted on running and screaming when confronted by a prehistoric killer. Not once did someone sit down with one of those little Compsognathus fellas and say, " Hey you know what? I haven't asked you about your day. How'd it go? Was work ok? Did things go ok with Shirley, or was she being weird again?" That kind of water-cooler chat could have saved countless lives.

2)Brice Dallas Howard isn't putting up with any Pratt-splaining

As we saw in that disappointing retrograde clip released earlier this month-in which Brice Dallas Howard's park-chief was portrayed as a chilly shrew, with Pratt's character as the super-laid-back bro - World's two human leads don't always get along. Hence Howard's eye-roll reaction when Pratt points out the Dino's desires: " These animals are thinking, 'I gotta eat. I gotta hunt. I gotta [international gesture for dinosaur-boinking] You've got to be able to relate to at its from their complicated past, crazed work place, or prehistoric, gender-stereotyped character traits.

3) The park looks like it'd be a ton of fun

Hoo-boy! Look at all those cool attractions: An aviary! A fun gyroscope-thingee! An underwater-feeding show! An underground-feeding show! This place is like SeaWorld, but without all of the post-blackfish hand-wringing.

4) ...until the attractions start talking to one another

The new trailer reveals one of the biggest twists in Jurassic World: Namely, the super-sized, super smart Indominus Rex - a sort of dino GMO, made by scientists to wow the crowd - can actually comunicate with other creatures in the park, essentially turning the parks inhabitants into the most menacing team of all-star reptiles since the Expendables. And when the Dino's get loose, the first thing they want to eat is their captors, drawing the ire ( and gunfire ) of the parks security chief, played by Vincent D'Onofrio who warns his co-worker, " you've got 20,000 people. You got no more boats. You don't have enough guns." (Which is just a more specific way of restarting his Full Metal Jackaey line, I am in a world of s-.")

5) The Pterodactyl are pterrifying.

Everyone has been so obsessed with Indominus, they've lost site of Worlds potential sene-stealers: The Pterodactyls, who are freed by Indominus and then set forth like flying monkeys to wreck havoc and pluck park-goers. One of them even wind ups feuding with the parks underwater beast, known as Mosasaurus. If Jurassic World gives us at least one battle that includes Jaws with Q: The Winged Serpent, we'll be first in line.