What is Cyber bullying?

What is cyber bullying? you say it is that a person is going online and say mean stuff about you and people who see this person saying this mean stuff that they will think that .The person how send the message and the people who see it they will say you are a bad person for writing that online. You can hurt a person’s feels online and off online at your school.


Teenagers are getting cyber bulling online and some people are just making jokes about them but they are hurting the person’s feelings online. Teenagers are texting on there cell phones and they are going on Facebook and twitter and people are using fake accounts on there computers and there phones.Parents are very upset with the people how have be hurting their kids and teens feelings online.Kids are having fights at school and the teachers are upset as well as the parents are at homes.Kids in school are going to have fights because the kids that are starting the cyber bullying it just make’s it get bigger and bigger by the second.


My opinion is that kids are getting emails on their own computers online. And i think that is not okay because the person is going to say something very RUDE!!! to the person online. And teenagers are going online and saying mean stuff about people and the teens are not going to tell their parents about what they just found out on their phones and computers online. At schools teenagers are going to have fights at school and teachers will have to break up the fights.

BY: Courtney clay

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