UTA Field Trip

Emili Mancilla

     The first thing I thought when I arrived at UTA was, "Yay!".  I was so happy and excited to be there. I thought we were going to get a tour and have fun.

    My favorite part was the science show and when we got to learn about the students and what jobs we can apply for studying. Although we didn't get enough information on the school and whats outside, we still received important questions answered. The science show was also my favorite part because it was cool and fun.

   I didn't like that when we arrived inside the building, we had to sit on the floor when we could've sat on the chairs. We didn't get the tour and had to eat on the floor too. We just sat on the floor throughout the field trip.

    I suggest that the kids next year get to go on the tour and not have to sit on the floor when eating.

    I would consider to go to UTA because it looks fun and helpful. It also has the classes we can apply for. I don't know if i will go to UTA but I look forward to it.

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