AIDS is a virus commonly contracted from unprotected intercourse and/or the sharing of drug needles.

It is caused by the HIV virus and ultimately effects your immune system.

Aids effects the body in many ways, but all of them come back to the fact that this virus, depletes your body's count of anti-bodies (immune system). Your body will go through things such as having flu-like symptoms, mouth ulcers, fatigue, respiratory infection, kidney damage, dementia, and many skin problems such as shingles and sores.

This disease is in fact infectious. It can be spread multiple ways, but the most common is through intercourse (body fluids such as semen and saliva) but can also be caught through the sharing of needles. One can only be infected, if the other person has the virus.

Unfortunately, the AIDS virus, cannot be cured. Medicines have been found to help control the appearance and the symptoms of it, but there is no way to get rid of it. These medicines help your body create more antibodies so your bodies immune system is strengthened. The best way to get rid of it, is to simply never get it. While having intercourse, use protection and don't do drugs.

Irving "Magic" Johnson is a public figure for HIV/AIDS. He has spread the awareness of this virus by starting his own AIDS foundation to help aid researchers in finding a prevention and a cure.

The AIDS virus is causing such a dilemma. That being we've already spent over $50 million dollars on them. We've spent a lot of time and money yet continuing to fail.

Although, current research is promising no cure and/or prevention has been found. Scientist are currently working on creating a vaccine and being able to inject anti-bodies to help provide the body with what it is being deprived of.

AIDS prognosis is very complicated. Years ago, people diagnosed with the virus would pass away within a few years. With technology and medicine quickly expanding, the medical world has identified new medicines to withhold the symptoms but ultimately expand your life expectancy. Increasing your chances to live longer can be achieved by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, staying away from the ill, and taking your medicines prescribed by your doctor.

I believe the only way to get rid of this virus forever is to ultimately kill it and make people immune to it. We need to find a way to prevent people from getting it, until this virus is almost a rare case to find (such as smallpox).

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