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Rachel Schilling Kindergarten Teacher

Necessary Job Skills

Kindergarten teachers prepare and educate the minds of young children and ready them for the years to come. Kindergarten teachers start things off with introducing kids to basic math and reading skills. In order to be a Kindergarten teacher you need good communication skills, you have to be able to speak clearly to students, other teachers, parents and the administration. Introduction skills, you have to be able to explain ideas concepts in a way 5 and 6 year old kids can understand while keeping them entertained. Patience is key for teaching you children each student will had different backgrounds and abilities patience helps teachers know how to deal with different situations like a student that is having trouble following the lesson or learning the material. Creativity also plays a big part in this you have to keep the children entertained and happy and make sure they're having fun while learning.


This degree leads to the Type 03 Elementary certificate in Illinois, qualifying students to teach any grade from K–9 in a self-contained classroom. An endorsement composed of six semester hours of coursework is required for those who wish to teach middle school. The elementary major also requires a concentration in one of the following areas: English/language arts, fine arts, foreign language, mathematics, science, or social studies.

Quotes to Live By

"The higher you climb the better the view." The first time I heard this quote it was by my mom last year and it just sort of stuck. My mom is very inspirational person to me. My mother is always saying quotes to make me think or to keep me on my toes. This quote means to me if I follow my dreams and go for the things I want without getting discouraged and going back down the mountain, because once I reach the top I'll be happy with myself and my accomplishments in life. This quote helped me decide what I want to do with my life which is to become a kindergarten teacher, and not some job that the only thing I'll be happy with is the paycheck I would rather be doing something I love.


My inspiration is my mom, because shes just the ideal mom to me. She has had to take care of ten kids for the past twenty-eight years and I know us kids do not make it easy on her she has practically been through hell and back. My mom is always calling me the other mother because I am always telling the little kids what to do or what not to do. I like to be in charge like she does and I want to follow in her footsteps maybe not by having ten kids but by teaching the way she did and taking care of lots of little kids at one time.  

My mom knows exactly what to say and when to say it. Although I don't always agree with her and like to argue my opinion verses hers shes usually right. My mom is the greatest role model I could have and although I don't always do a good job of showing it I do care about what she says and I love her with all my heart.

Kindergarten Teacher

Becoming a Kindergarten teacher is hard work and has a lot of requirements. In the article Kindergarten Teacher: Requirements for Teaching Kindergarten, it explains all the things you need to become a teacher and what kind of education you need. This article states, "Kindergarten teachers generally need at least a bachelor's degree in order to qualify to teach in a public school. Early childhood education programs cover the various styles and techniques, such as play and interactive activities, used to teach young children. These programs provide students with an understanding of how to develop a child's ability to learn as well as methods for delivering education plans." this just helps me to better understand where I need to set my standards for college and school work. This article also lists some common courses taken for becoming a kindergarten teacher like child development, teaching methods, classroom management, technology in education, and educational psychology, and so on having this list and website is extremely helpful for my college planning.

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