Social Media 101

Taking Your Influence Online

Getting Started

As a Student Ambassador one of your biggest promotional tools is Social Media. If you are hosting an event or just trying to help spread a message Social Media is where your friends, family, and fellow students interact. To get started:

1.   Follow the Cleveland Orchestra on Twitter and Facebook

2.   Join the Student Advantage Facebook Group

After following each Page and joining the group search through each page.  Discover how people interact on each page, and how you can add to the conversation.

Promoting the Orchestra to your Friends

When promoting The Cleveland Orchestra on social media to your friends and followers it is as simple as:

1.   Sharing and Retweeting posts made by The Cleveland Orchestra.

2.   When you Share, Retweet, or Check-In it is suggested that you add a personal message to the post.

3.   Checking-In when you attend a Cleveland Orchestra performance.

4.   When attending take photos outside and inside to share your experiences with your friends.

5.   Tag all those who attend a performance with you.

6.   For events you plan to attend or are tailored towards students (Friday Nights at 7), make posts asking if friends would like to attend with you or they are interested in attending.

Additionally, in the Student Advantage Facebook Group Page make sure to comment and interact with the posts. Make posts about relevant questions pertaining to events or upcoming programs. Share experiences that you have with the members of the group, as well.

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