pnador is a state located in the planet pandora and "avatars" live there.

the main religon practiced in pnador is calic,the religon is based of of there woship to the main godess Avpan . They strongly believe that she controls all of nature.And if they treat nature with respect she will give them lots of rewards like a good season to hunt aand to grow plants or crops.


They live in tent like homes in the edge of the rain forest close to the ocean so they can both hunt a and fish for marine life.the homes are mainly maid of leather from animals that live in the rainforest. They live in these homes by families normally consist of mother,father ,and son or daughter.



They hunt normaly in groups on certain days for certain animals.The groups normaly consist of a captain, a co-captain, and the rest of the hunters . The captain is normaly someone high up like the kings son . the co-captain is normally just some one that is extremely good at hunting and the rest are just males of very skilled females.

More on the religon

They stongly belive that nature is a way of there godess to comunicate with theme.Example all four elements mean or simolize the godeses mood.Water is a way for reward whene the pople trat nature with respect normaly in the form of rain.Fire means that the godess is very mad or as simple as somethuing to cook with depending on what it dose , if "she" is mad she will cause a forest fire. Earth can symbolize happyness or another form of her being mad.The oonly one that dosent represent anything is wind .