There has been an outbreak of a virus called Ebola in central Africa. That virus is

extremely infectious but not very contagious. Only one single virus can make you sick but because it can`t travel through air the virus cant spread very fast. The infection is transmitted through body fluids. In 1976 the virus was recognized in the river Ebola. The first symptoms usually appear 8-10 days after the infection. The most common symptoms are weakness, fever, aches, diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. There are five different Ebola viruses. Four out of five are infectious to humans. No treatment has been fount jet.

On September 30. the first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the U.S. A man came back from Libya on September 20. and four days later he showed first symptoms and went to isolation four days after that. Now there is a search for all the people that person had contact with in that period of time. All of these people will have to be cept in quarantine for three weeks.

Concepts Related to This Story:

National Security

Providing public Services

National Security is related to this story because Ebola originated in Africa and the U.S. helps the people in Africa and tries to protect their own people who are there and sick. They try to prevent the diseasefrom spreading especcialy to the U.S.

Because Ebola has spread to the U.S. the story also relates to the concept of providing public services. The goverment trys to prevent the diseasefrom spreading and provides quarantine fore the sick.

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