Rosa Parks
( A Historical Fiction Story)

My name is Claire and I live in Montgomery. It was a typical and very  hot  day here in Montgomery. There was nothing to do around the house, so I decided to go to the park for a little while.  My mom gave me bus money and she told me to be home by supper. I was walking to the bus stop and I tripped and fell. It really hurt and it was really hard for me to  get up. This little   lady came up and helped me up and she made sure I had no broken bones.        

I asked for her name and she said, ¨Rosa Parks¨.  

   I told her how grateful I was that she helped me and she said she was glad to help and then we both went  separate ways.

When I got home I told my mother what happened and she asked me what was the lady name. My mom told me that when she was little Rosa Parks used to be her nanny. I thought that was very interesting. When I went to sleep that night I wondered if I will ever meet that lady again? The next morning I told my mom that I was going to take the bus to go play tennis with my friends. She said that was okay and she gave me some bus money and she told me to be home by lunchtime.  When I got to the park my friends and I started to play tennis it was a lot of fun. But then it was time to go because it was getting close to lunchtime.         

When I got on the bus I sat down and the lady that helped me when I fell down sat beside me. It was  Rosa Parks . I was really glad I saw her because I wanted to  ask her about my mom when she was little because she was her nanny but before I even got to say ,¨ Hi¨  This white man demanded to sit where Rosa Parks was sitting. He said blacks were supposed to sit in the back of the bus and whites sit the front. I thought that was the worst thing I have ever heard and so I offered my seat so Rosa Parks could keep her seat but he said no I want her seat he told the bus driver and the bus driver told her to move or he was going to get the police involved. Rosa Parks did not move and so I said if you move to the back of the bus everything will be alright.                                                                                                                 ¨Do you want to be arrested today?                                                      She said no but she is not going to move because she said she wanted to make a point.She said  white people and black people should work together and should be friends it does not matter the color of our skin. Then the police came in and arrested her. When I got home I told my mom what happened and she said she was so sorry I had to witness such a horrible thing. My mom told me maybe I could write her a letter and tell her what a brave thing she did and maybe she will write back.

After lunch I went into my room and I wrote her a letter. I told her what a brave thing she did and she was a true hero. I told her I would like to see her again once she gets out of prison.  The next few days I checked the mail every hour to see if she had written back.

One day I was checking the mail and the letter was addressed to me. When I opened the letter it said, " Dear Claire ,

                         You were very kind to write me a letter. I will be out of jail 

                            very soon. I will come visit you. I hope your mom

                                is doing well.

                                                      Sincerely ,

                                                   Rosa Parks  

   I thought that was very cool and I could not wait till Rosa Parks came to visit me. That night    after I opened her letter, I was watching T.V and the news came on it was showing Rosa Parks being arrested. I thought it was cool that she was on T.V but I did not think it was right to put her on T.V. After that life went back to normal and Rosa Parks  came and visited my mom and I and she stayed with us for a few days so she could get back on her feet.After that I never saw Rosa Parks again.                      

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