Bangladesh has many interesting facts about their people, society, and their type of government. In the next few paragraphs, I'm going to talk about each. Its time we learn to learn about other countries and their everyday life, so why not start with Bangladesh?

In this paragraph, we are going to learn about the people in Bangladesh. Their dominant language is Bengali- 98% of the people there speak Bengali. Their birth rate is 22.07 births - 1,000 population. Their death rate is 5.67 deaths- 1,000 population. Their level and form of education of the average citizen is their school life expectancy is eight years. Their most dominant religion is Muslim- 89.5% of people there are Muslim.

Enough about the people, let's move on to their type of government. their system of government is Parliamentary Democracy. They have a low income with 154.7 million. The level of economic development is 131st with 54.1. The employment rate for men is 92%, for the women it is 86.4%, so their total employment rate is 90.7%.

Now, we are going to talk about their society. Some of their major industries are jute, cotton, and paper. Some of their kinds of technology are broadcast media, telephone, internet, and many more. Their most common way of communication is by phone. Bangladesh is a poor country so they have a very different way of life then we do.

Let's sum up what we have learned. The people in Bangladesh are similar to us, but not the same. Their beliefs are different from ours. It isn't a rich country so they don't get the same stuff we have. Bangladesh has many other interesting facts, but I have given you some important ones.

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