Things that I like

I like computers the most because I can play games that I like on them, and I can also socialize with other people on the Internet.

Music that I like

I have always loved Daft Punk and their music for a long time, but this song just takes the cake for being the best audio I have listened to.

A video I like

Pentatonix is my second favorite music group, they do awesome covers of other songs. They have really good voices, which allows them to pull off those covers. Combine those voices, and you already have a full band.

A site that I like

I love going to this site because my family usually plans to go to Six Flags for the summer, and we usually check the site for the closest park near our location.

A movie that I like

I like the Lego Movie because it has a good amount of humor, action, and drama. Also because it's a movie with Legos in it.

A game that I like

I like Prison Architect because you can manage prisoners in jail and make sure they stay in line with guards. I also like this game because I love games where you micromanage to play.

My favorite program

I love using Steam because it allows me to connect with friends I have in real life, along with buying new games and playing them via Steam. It also allows me to talk with my friends while I'm playing a game using an overlay, which is really cool and allows me to multitask.

A pet I would like to have

I want a robin as a pet because I like birds, but robins are the most interesting to me than the other birds because of their appearance and how they interact with each other.

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