How does Sleep affect our Grades?

Students have a hard time getting good grades as it is since they need to study so much and all the homework they end up piling up, but what other causes are can there be. Sleep. Sleep is essential for human life but does getting less or more sleep affect the way you work in school and out of school.

Usually we are told to sleep eight hours a day in order to get proper rest as well as being able to work properly the next day. But how much sleep do students usually get to be able to get good grades or bad.

1. How can we help students get better grades? If we are able to understand what the cause is for students to get undesirable grades we will be able to help them get better grades.

2. Why do students get as much sleep as they do? Even if the students grades are fine getting to little or to much sleep isn't good for your health, if we can find out why students get as much sleep as they do we can help them understand what they need to do in order to control their sleep patterns.

3. Does sleep affect your grades? If we can figure out wether or not sleep affects our grades we can help students understand why it's important to get enough sleep and how much sleep you need.

How many hours of sleep does an average student get?

When we gathered all the data we surveyed 17 students. With all the data we gathered the 25% of students got 7 hours of sleep, 13% of students got 6 hours of sleep and 13% of students got 6.5 hours of sleep.

As you can see the average amount of sleep a student gets is 6.25 hours. I can't say this fact was surprising but it was lower than expected. Though the data looks somewhat skewed so the median shall be the measure of central tendency. This it's self does not show wether or not a students grade is affected by sleep but it does show students are not getting enough sleep.

Because just the amount of sleep doesn't show much with out there grades so we asked them for their curent overall average.

For our dot plot the data was pretty much symmetrical so we used the mean and found the 82.6 to be the average. In our box plot the median was 83.

This graph shows the relationship between hours of sleep and current averages. The line is a bit above then where it is supposed to be but the graph is mostly linear.

In conclusion there is a relationship between grades and amount of sleep. I say this beacsue the more sleep someone got they were at least at an avearge passing grade. The ones that slept aat least 7-8 hours were passing in as well as having studdied 30 minutes- 1hour a week. Those who slept a lot less (4-5 hours) Were either falling or barely passing. They also studied 30 minutes- 1 hour a week. The ones who were way above average got a lot less sleep aswell (5-7 hours) studdied for 3hours- 7 hours in a week. As a result if you get a healthy amount of sleep you will be able to at least pass at an average level but keep in mind they must at least study 30minutes to an hour in a week. There is also a major relationship bettween how much you study, since some people got a lot less sleep but they were above average, reason being they studied a lot more.

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