Computer Viruses 101

Presented By:I Smith

Welcome to Computer Viruses 101,where you can find out about computer viruses and know how to protect your computer from them.

What are computer viruses? Computer viruses are infections for a computer. Computer viruses can be sent by emails,popups and all sorts of ways.

The Klez Virus

The Klez virus was one of the viruses I researched. In 2001 the Klez virus reached the top bar for viruses and all that followed.

5 Tips

  • Here are 5 tips on how you can protect your computer from viruses:

1.Download a protective application to protect your computer from viruses

2.Don't open any emails from strangers because they may have had sent a virus

3.Do a daily virus check on your computer to make sure there aren't any viruses

4.Do not let someone put their flash drive into your computer because their computer can be infected

5.Be cautious about receiving disks from friends,sometimes viruses can be transported from the computer to the disk

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