Verb To Be: am/is/are

Read the story:
                                   The Old Farmer

There was an old farmer. He had 3 sons. Am was the youngest. Is was the middle son and Are was the oldest.

The farmer had 7 fields. He gave names to the fields:

The smallest field was called I.

3 bigger fields were called He , She, It.

The 3 last biggest fields were called: You, We, They.

He called his 3 sons and said: “ I am going to die. I give each one of you fields”.

The farmer gave the field I to the young boy Am .

He gave the fields He She It to the middle son: Is.

And the 3 fields : You, We, They- he gave to his old son Are.

"I Am, You Are, He/She Is" Song:

Remember:                                                               :זיכרו

Now, press "Practice", do the exercise and press "check" to check your answers.

                                                                                                             Practice כעת לחצו על

                                       עשו את המשימה ולחצו על כפתור "בדיקה" על מנת לבדוק את תשובותיכם