Olympics in Maldives

Beach,Ocean, Pretty trees

Resorts, Pretty Ocean, Pretty smells

Hotels- ~$500, ~$2000, ~$5,000 (all resorts)

Places to eat- The lighthouse Restaurant (seafood), The Hive (burgers and biryanis), Ithaa (all glass underwater restaurant that is the first of its kind)

Good places for the games- Male (capitol), Kuda Bonos (island), Hulamale

Maldives has no stadiums or other suitable venues. They would need to be built. This place may not even have enough land to built the facilities required because it is a slew of small islands that are developed already. Over and out.

Country's flag

Male (Capitol)

Kuda Bonos (island)

Hulamale (island)

location...look at it.

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