Education apps for classroom use

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BrainPop Featured Movie.

What? BrainPop Featured Movie is an app that has several different video for multiple subjects. Each movie comes with a quiz and has close caption for those who may need more guidance when it comes to following along.

How? This app can be used to support certain subjects that are relevant to what the students are learning about. It can be used for review towards the end of the unit and students can do the quizzes afterwards to see what they were able to pick up. It can also be used during a lesson and each student can watch the videos and take the quiz afterwards. Once that's done the teacher can bring the students together so they can review and have a discussion about what they've just watched.

Numbler- Math Game

What? Numbler Math Game is a math game in which students create a math equation in a crossword style manner.

How? Students can practice and sharpen their math skills with this game. During one of the math blocks, this could be used for a math center and this could be one of the stations. At this station students can play against each other or against the computer. This is a great way to allow for interaction during math as well as it allows for other students to step in and help those who may be struggling.

ABC Magic Phonics

What? ABC Magic Phonics helps students in their early years of education learn the correct sounds of the letters of the alphabet.

How? This app allows for students to learn the proper pronunciation of the alphabet which is necessary for reading. What I love about it is that each letter comes which a picture beside it which will help students make a stronger connection to the letter as they now have a picture of a familiar object around. This app would be great to use for circle time with the young children. Each day the teacher can focus on two letters and have the students come up with other words/objects that are associated with the letter. This makes it a fun way for them to learn instead of just the standard ABC song or worksheets.


What? iBooks is a free app that allows students and teachers to purchase and download books off the web and add it to their own library.

How? Teachers can download books for students and this could be used as another way to provide multiple means of representation. This app allows for students to highlight words they may not understand or wish to come back too. Students also have the ability of looking up words in the search engine and there is an option for adding notes. The words can be adjusted by magnifying it for those readers who need larger writing. The background color of the pages can be changed to black or white for those who have a preference. Another bonus of the iBook is that it can be downloaded in other languages for those who are ESL learners. Pictures and videos are also provided to add even more interest to the package.

Pocket Anatomy

What? Pocket Anatomy is a 3D app that allows students to view the anatomy of a male and female in detail.

How? This is an excellent feature to have for a biology class when learning about the human body. It allows for students to get more comfortable with the human body and the proper vocabulary associated with its parts. Instead of looking through a print copy of the textbook students can pull this out on an iPad or iPhone and use their fingers to move things around. The quizzes can be used for students to practice their knowledge and the teacher can use it as an informal assessment to see where students may need help. A classroom discussion can also be enabled after students take their quiz that way it allows for collaboration. The in depth visuals and audio can help visual and audio learners. Kinesthetic learners can benefit as well since it's a touch screen device. The use of medical practioners in the videos also helps to reinforce that the information is professional.

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