Abduction By Peg Kehret

Taylor Duff

What would you do if you left the class and vanished not knowing it would be the last time you would see your friends and family for awhile.

Matt a little boy left his class to use the bathroom and vanished. The police dog sniffed out the smell of Matt which led him to a curb far way from home. Matt would never have been known to leave with a stranger. Was he lured into a car or was he picked up and forced to get in the car no won new. Matt loves baseball so the stranger took him to a game were his sister then found him. His mom was becoming to be worried when Bonnie never came home. Had she been kidnapped by the same person or someone totally different. When it seems like the world is coming to an end things suddenly turn and get better.  

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2 years ago

Good job - sounds like a good suspense book!