Christmas Card

Delilah Esquivel, Mrs.Banda, 8/9th

1. It’s very bright. I love the blue colors, the way everything looks the lettering could use a bit of more designs.

2. I fell for this one it’s very bright very inspirational I love the quotes the way the lettering is on “Thank You.” I like the background.

3. The colors on here are just many blue I like the flowers or snowflake it’s really pretty the lettering could be better

4. I like the way the boutique came out it’s really pretty it catches my attention could use more lettering bits beautiful. I love it!

5. I love this one it has a good quote about Jesus it has Jesus stuff mammals everything good background, good designs. I love this one also.

6. This one is kind of plain but it doesn’t have any Christmas thing has a nice wording I like it just needs more designs.

7. I like it even though it doesn’t have enough words me think it’s pretty.

8. This one is beautiful it has a lot of colors I like it.

9. This one caught my attention! It’s so beautiful I fell in love with the tree

10. It’s plain but the quote I love it talks about Jesus. It’s good! I love it

1. Its very plain. i don't like the colors or the left tree i like the lettering but thats it.

2. I like the trees but its white nothing is their its just plain and simple i like the colors but not the card.

3. It doesn't have anything good its just plain no holiday greetings. it has very bright colors i like the tree and the little temple but other then that its just plain.

4. the only thing i like is the santa other then that the lettering should be better. the words should have meaning into it. something that is just not plain and simple. something that will blow your mind.

5. this card is really plain and simple its should have more designs more lettering more meaning full words stuff that will be awesome not just happy holidays.

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