Medieval Weapons

Jessica Solari

Medieval Weapons were made of different types of iron and wood as handles. Theses weapons were made by blacksmiths and used by knights. There were close fighting weapons and far fighting weapons. The weapons were used for battles. Battles can happen over marriage, war, settling arguments, and proving a correct or incorrect point.

These are close fighting weapons

Close Fighting Weapons included axes of all different types, spears, different types of swords (long,short) mace, short range bow and arrows, blades, and much more.

These are some Far Fighting Weapons. Far fighting weapons were used for battles on horses, and wars. These include throwing knifes far range bow and arrows, catapult, spear, ninja stars and crossbows.

This is the armor worn during medieval battles. From top the bottom the armor is called the helmet, the pauldrons, breastplates, the rerebrace, the vambrance, gauntlets on each hand, cuisses', poleyns, greaves, sabtons.

Horses were used for far fighting battles. They used shields for protect themselves along with armor. Shields had different colors and animals depending on the family.

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