Justice for The 3 Pigs


The 3 Little Pigs Revenge

Dear, Mr.BeefCheeseTacoQuesadilla

Hey! Don’t be blowing down our houses unless you want your house to magically disappear. I strongly believe that you don’t have to blown down our beautiful homes what is your goal anyway in life? Us pigs have had some problems with this infamous Mr.Wolf and we want compensation for it! We put effort into these homes and then Mr.Blowdownyourhouse comes and destroys it. On top of all this, if we don’t have a house we will freeze. We are all fed up with this so we are coming to you and your law firm, can you please help us.

To begin with, every time the Big Bad Wolf comes and destroys our houses we get no compensation all we get is zip Zero NOTHING! We have to rebuild our houses from scratch again I think we have had to make at least 100 homes its only been a year. I am addressing this to you because we want compensation, we need compensation, we deserve it!

Furthermore, We put so much time and effort into these beautiful homes with the birds tweeting the flowers blooming and the slight breeze, a quiet little farm and a little lawn which Tommy mows with his brand new lawn mower; John trims the flowers. Then the big guy comes and wrecks everything. Lucky he at least can’t knock down the brick house well who knows maybe he can. It is extremely annoying as us already hard working pigs have to work even harder!

In addition, We can die if we don’t have shelter we will freeze or maybe we will become dinner for a hungry beast. Us pigs will die soon we need to shut down this Wolf once and for all so he will stop this madness. He has wrecked too much so this is our chance let’s go now Mr.BeefCheeseTacoQuesadilla!

To summarize,We will die without shelter and when we build them the Wolf comes and destroys it so come on lets take down the Wolf together.

Yours Sincerely, The 3 Pigs

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