Ashley Bringer

Confucius gave out a message while he was a teacher that " If people are to achieve a state of orderliness and peace they must return to traditional values of virtue." He though very strongly of peoples behavior being the best it can be. He decided that in order to learn the right behavior by studying elders and become and behave correctly like them.

This picture shows how others learned from each other and their behaviors. They would follow in each others foot steps. Confucius thought that this was a great way to improve positive behavior.

This is the symbol yin and yang. It is one of Confucianism's symbols that shows that two halves complete a whole. It also shows that you need parts of things to create one big thing.... an example being : day and night.

This quote shows how Confucius felt about his philosophy. He was very encouraging of reflection of others elders. He felt you had to give respect to earn it or receive it back. He wanted others to believe in his method also so that things went the way he wanted them to.

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