Truth about love 11/4/14

Writing journal

Oh love for some the worst feeling and for others the best. In love never happens what you expect. Somtimes is better in your mind than in real life. All is fair in love and war. I imagine how my perfect girl will look like. But maybe life have a better girl for me. Sometimes love isn't what you expect. For some in love all goes good, but for me all goes wrong. But I know that when I fell down I need to get up stronger and forget does who had damage me.

If a girl comes to my life I hope she loves me the same way I love her.So we could be a mature couple to joy our voices, to  hear crazy  stories about us. Because I know she will come a day and make me the happiest man on earth. The truth about love is that you need to have your feets on earth. You need to know the possibilities of the situation. A lot of errors of the humans is believing that they have a chance with a person that doesn't love them, but some people change those persons mind making them love them. In the other side some people doesn't even try that hard and they finish losing.

In conclusion we could say love is a cheater for those who can't control it isn't what you expect you need to be prepare for  anything that is comingand be prepare because you will always get hurt.