Don't Mope Give Hope!


Don’t Mope, Give Hope!

By: Ella Stoker

The boy cradled in loving arms was as light as a feather, widows left him on Energy of Hope's door steps to die. He was very sick, bleeding, and the flies feasted on his soft skin. The doctors said he would die. When the little boy stopped breathing, there was terror. After thirty seconds without air Elton, the little boy, gasped for air and his small eyes flickered. There was great relief that he was able to breathe, but still scared that that he would die in Amanda’s arms,Amanda is the loving arms that cradled that little boy that first day, who became the mother of that little miracle. After a few months he was Amanda Dye’s little boy, yep, Amanda Dye aptoped Elton. I would like to recognize Amanda Dye for her non-stop work by giving her the Robert Burns award.

The Robert Burns award is an award that represents that group or individual who has saved someone or something, improved people’s lives in one way or another, give up their time to help someone or something in trouble, and also does hands on work. I think this describes Amanda Dye just as much as Blanche Nicholson, the person that won the Robert Burns award in 2014. Please read more about Amanda Dye in this thrilling adventure that will take you over and under obstacles that Amanda went through. You will experience pain and happiness as you read this.

Gorgeous baby Amanda was born to handsome Brian and beautiful Jodi. Amanda, oldest of 5 learned to be responsible at a very young age, which helped a lot in her future.When Amanda was nineteen, she went to go to The Oprah Show. After she went to that show, she knew that God had a plan for her. When she was twenty two , she flew over to Zambia, to open an orphanage for the kids, that were sick, starving, homeless, or just need someone to love or hold them when they had a nightmare. Amanda started her own orphanage, and called it Energy of Hope. Before Amanda started Energy of Hope she was hoping to be an art teacher.Amanda now has two orphanages, 15 helpers and 70 kids in each orphanage. Amanda is now mothering every kid that comes to her doorstep.

The little boy, Elton, is now doing fine. He learned to play the piano. But when he was sick he…. well, lets go back into the past and see what those kids and everyone else did to help Elton……

‘Please help me!’ Begged Amanda to yet another doctor that said he will die, I can’t help you. When she got back with Elton she let him rest while they all changed his clothes, he screamed each time they touched a scab, the children could hardly bear to see him scream and cry. When night came Amanda wouldn’t believe he would die, and guess what? He didn’t! Well, that’s too much past, time for the present. We are now back in the present. Elton now plays piano for all the kids at Energy of Hope and is doing TEN TIMES better.

Amanda is kind, smart, funny and much more. I nominate her for the Robert Burns award for her non-stop work to bring kids to safety, and not stopping until it is finished. I hope you agree with me. But just remember that her story is still being done.

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