Grandpa Ron

In memory of Gramps

The things I remember most

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My Top 10 Favorite Memories with Grandpa Ron ...

1.     My very first catch on our fishing trip in Naples

2.     Driving to the Sarasota beach in his big, tan 1992 Cadillac Brougham

3.     Waking up early Christmas morning to find him eating all the cookies

4.     Watching the Price is Right with Grandpa and his dog Molly

5.   Trips to Six Flags and convincing Granpa to ride the rollercoasters with me

6.     Trying to teach him how to use a computer and what "The Facebook" is

7.     Dressing up as "Dr. Evil and Mini Me" for Halloween

8.     Always pinching Grandma in the tush

9.     Volunteering at the VA hospital helping veterans with PTSD

10.   Laying in our pillow fort listening to Grandpa's bedtime stories about growing up in the 30's

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