Do you want a romantic vacation? If you do come to Paris,France.

Climate in Paris

In general Paris is very cold.

     Spring (21 March - 21 June) 4°C - 20°C

     Summer (21 June - 21 September) 13°C - 25°C

     Autumn (21 September - 21 December) 5°C - 21°C

     Winter (21 December - 21 March) 1°C - 7°C

Best Hotels

    Hotel Le Bristol

In this hotel they also think about your kids there are places where they can play and draw so if you also go with kids they will also have fun.

    Le 123 Sebastopol Hotel

This hotel is unique every room has a different decoration with different colors and paintings.

    Le Royal Monceau Hotel

This hotel has the best location that you can be in Paris.

It is located on the prestigious Avenue Hoche, just steps from the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe, Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris a calm and conviviality in the heart of Paris.

Best Attractions

Did you hear about the famous painting Mona Lisa cause if you want to see it come here. The Mona Lisa has double glass bullet proof.

This is a symbol of the French nation it links old as well as new nation.

Paris typical food are snails, croissants, and pancakes.

Le Jules Verne  

    Five courses of fish or meat

Le Chalet Des Iles

      Click here (Menu), in order to get detailed information regarding the courses served at this restaurant.

Le Bristol

     The best restaurant with a gourmet menu.

Best Newspapaers

  La Croix

          La Croix was created in 1880 by Vincent Paul Bailly, but the idea was by Emmanuel Alzon.


           This newspaper started in 1904. It was created by Jean Jaures.


Paris will wait for you!

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