Ancient Roman Makeup

By: Harper Davenport

Pale skin was prized by the Ancient Romans. Pale skin showed that hadn't had to do any manual labor in your life.

Women used Kohl to thicken and extend their eyebrows, so that they almost touched in the middle.

Large, wide eyes were a trend in Ancient Rome. So women kohl to open their eyes and extend their lash line. Kohl is a ground mixture of soot and Galena, a natural blue-grey form of lead.

Green eyeshadow was originally used in Ancient Egypt. It was made with th mineral malachite. When Rome conquered them they brought back green eyeshadow. Before they used a yellow-orange eyeshadow made of saffron.   

Women used rouge to give them a youthful healthy glow. Rouge was also used to stain lips. Rouge could be made with a myriad of things including, red chalk, alkale, poopy and rose petals. However the most preferable ingredient was Red Ocher, but it had to be imported form Belgium and was therefore quite costly.

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