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The continental crust is typically from 30 km (20 mi) to 50 km (30 mi) thick and is mostly composed of slightly less dense rocks than those of the oceanic crust. Some of these less dense rocks, such as granite, are common in the continental crust but rare to absent in the oceanic crust.


The mantle is one of the three main layers of the Earth. It lies between the innermost layer, the core, and the thin outermost layer, the crust. Themantle consists of hot, dense, semisolid rock and is about 2,900 kilometers (1,802 miles) thick. Lithosphere.

What is a convection current?

The transfer of heat by the mass movement of heated particles into an areaof cooler fluid

outer core

The Earth's outer core is a liquid layer about 2,300 km (1,400 mi) thick composed of iron and nickel that lies above Earth's solid inner core and below its mantle. Its outer boundary lies 2,890 km (1,800 mi) beneath Earth's surface.

Inner core:

The inner core is shaped like a ball. Scientists say the outer core is made mostly of iron and nickel. Iron and nickel are two important metals found everywhere on the planet. (On the surface of the Earth, these metals are found in solid form.)

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