"42" is a movie about the story of Jackie Robinson, the famous baseball player and first African American to play major league baseball, which was a purely white sport in the past. The movie does more then just simply tell his story of playing, practicing, and eventually becoming a legendary player. The movie showcases the struggles he was put through and the racism and scrutiny he was put under that made the game always be against his favor, along with most calls. As the film progressed you witnessed the team slowly change into Jackie's favor, and saw them support him and see him as just another teammate. The racist antics of other teams were soon stopped by his white counterparts and with each others support he become integrated well into the league.

"Remember the Titans", is a film based on a true story of a conjoining black and white high school. The film specifically focuses on the football team, and the changes it went through and its ability to adapt to these changes. The teams head coach was removed from his position one season from being inducted into the high school state hall of fame, when a new coach replaced him, who so happened to be black. This caused a complete disagreement from the teams white players who also feared losing their starting positions to the black players. The coach forced the players to mix and mingle and the movie focuses on the difficulties between race and change for the entire community, and as the movie progresses the players begin to see each other as friends, and not label by race. The film shows you how racism was a very common thing, but over time how people of all colors can learn to blend together and become a tight knit family.

Race and Discrimination Today

Race and discrimination are still very common to this day. Both are still seen at the work place and in the media an example is that some believe the shooting of innocent people both black and white are due to racism and discrimination like the Tray Von Martin case. Affirmative action is the positive discrimination leading those who are part of a minority group to be put ahead in places or things such as a job opportunity, or schooling. The problem is it causes reverse discrimination on the majority group yet again causing racism or discrimination. Racism is still a big issue to this day but from the representation of the film to today, segregation has mostly been eliminated, although racism is still common in some parts of the world.

What i've taken from this.

Racism and discrimination is something that has been going on for thousands of years and has effected millions of people, what we focused on was just the tip of the ice burg. Racism has been a hot topic in the past 100 years and has gone from high levels of segregation to a sense where skin color or other genetic features have seemed to vanish in some people's eyes such as in "Remember the Titans" or "42". It's something that we as a race as a whole must overcome together world wide though and will take a lot longer then 100 years to fix.

DNAs role in Racism and Discrimination

DNA can be the main factor in how people develop and are seen. Physical characteristics can change people's entire view on who you are and the cultures you can be part of to still be considered normal and fills everyones minds with some kind of stereotype about everyone around them. Race is not an illusion, but a term that simply categorizes someones ancestral roots based on how they look and is something that shouldn't be eliminated from our vocabulary, but changed how it is used. Race is something that has been used to define cultures in the past because entire "new worlds" were being discovered, it would be no different if we discovered an alien race, prejudice would take place but today with the mixing pot that is our world race isn't the same.

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