Julia Weisdack

March 24, 2015
Tough Questions

After reading the first few pages of Speak, I've realized that they're is a tough question as to why Melinda's friends do not talk to her. On her first day of school, all her friends ignored her and formed into other cliques. They gave her dirty looks in the hallway and mouthed rude slurs to her. While riding the bus home, she sat by herself because none of her friends liked her. When she gets to class, all of her teachers disrespect her. She starts to make a few friends a couple weeks through the school year but she finds them annoying and very talkative. Even her parents won't make conversation with her and won't make her dinners. Only reading the first few pages of this novel, I'm filled with suspense as to why her life is falling apart.

March 25, 2015
Words of the Wiser

While Melinda is in art class, her teacher Mr. Freeman, gives her a lesson on life. He writes the word "soul" on the board and talks to her about finding her soul and heart. He uses elements like a globe and the wind to teach her to find out who she is. I think as I read further along in the book, Melinda will start to figure out who she is and become her own person. An activity Mr. Freeman had his students do was pull out a piece of paper out of a globe and draw,paint, and sculpt it all year to get their on view of that object. I think this activity was good for Melinda to find out her own view on life and how she see's things verses how everyone else does.

March 26, 2015
Memory Moment

During the book, Melinda flashbacks to the party that started all this chaos. The party got out of hand and Mel decided to call the police. When someone questioned her about calling the cops, everyone who was around turned their heads towards her and yelled at her because their siblings or someone they knew got arrested at that party. When this happened, she couldn't speak or move. She had words to say, but nothing came out. I feel bad for what has happened to her because obviously she went through someone horrifying and now people are harassing her for getting help at an uncontrolled party. She tries to forget what has happened to hr everyday but people bringing it up out of nowhere doesn't help her get better and move on from it.

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