Inheritance Part Two

Words/Phrases I highlighted
"....My grandmother her name was Berniece..same like Berniece. "

" Now, our granddaddy's named was Boy Will. That'swho Boy Willie's named after...only they call him Willie Boy."
DOAKER across the piano.

Wining dies over the piano, that why Berniece not going to sell the piano.
I notice all these words/phrases either show or tell example of inheritances. Like the names and how the piano have such a big impact in their family.
The piano have a very importance part in all the family members life. Because Berniece's dad dies over the piano , they all feels the need to keep the piano. It like then, they still holds the gamily together. The piano is like their from the start.
The conflict in the family regarding the family is taht wining want to sell the piano and Berniece want to keep it.

It a though decision. But if I have to to keep or sell the piano, I would choose to keep it. Because although it will bring back flashback that aren't happy moments , but at least you have something to hold and cherish , that even the person gone you both still share the bonds.

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