Types of transportation

Transportation survey, Mr. Kirkland February 24,2014

I am conducting a survey to help find out the most used mode of transportation in my area. These are the results, and everyone that I interviewed said that they took this mode everyday if not most days. The red bars represent people who ride cars, the blue bars are people who ride the bus, and the orange bars are the people that drive themselves.

I asked people if there were an alternative form of transportation such as a subway, if they would use it. 67% of people said yes, they would use it, whereas the other 33% said no, they would not use it.

I also asked people if they thought the price ($0.25), was reasonable. 83% said that they were fine with it. The other 17% said that they would not be willing to pay.

I then proceeded to ask the same people if considering this new form of transportation being available, what mode of transportation would they prefer. 83% said they would stick to using a car while 17% said they would use this mode of transportation over using a car or riding a bus.

For my final question I asked what they would want to get out of this and what they would want available and what they want this to do for the environment. 14% said they would either want it clean, get them from place to place, and submit to their own needs. 29% said they would either want it to have food available or that it would lower gas emission from cars because it would be electric.

After doing all my research and getting answers to all the questions I asked, I put together a chart of the average of miles driven/ riden and the standard deviation. I also did the same thing for the satisfaction on a scale of 1-10 on their current mode of transportation.

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