Using Technology to Build a Language Rich Classroom

We will be using this site to refer back to the activities and resources that we discuss during today's professional development.  

Apps You Will Need




1.  Introductions and Ice Breaker

2.  Station Assignments

3.  Questions and Answers

4.  Reflection

Station 1

Watch the video below and discuss the following questions in your group.  When you have discussed as a group, then complete the following Google Form individually.  

Group Discussion Questions

- How can utilizing Talk Moves help your students in the classroom?

- What obstacles do you see in implementing this strategy in your class?  Is there a way to overcome this obstacle?

- What is one way you could differentiate the Talk Moves strategy to work for your subject area?

Station 2

In this station, you will learn about Thinglink and how you can use Google Docs and Thinglink to help students build their English skills in the classroom.  

Station 3

In this station, you will learn how using blogs can help students acquire the English language and reflect on their learning.  You will also have a chance to set up your own Kidblog account


What is one strategy that you learned today that you feel you can implement in your classroom for the remainder of the year?  What is one strategy that you hope to implement for next year?  Write your thoughts down in the comments below.