Gadgets and Gizmos


I've taken away so many new cool and useful tools to add to my techie bag of tricks from this class! As the Library Media Specialist in my building, I am usually the go-to person in the building to provide cool ideas for integrating technology into the curriculum. I always enjoy learning about new and innovative technologies that will engage and inspire my students. I try my best to incorporate technology into my daily lessons so it is imperative that I stay abreast of the latest and greatest the web has to offer. Not only do I use technology for my own lessons but I also share great resources with the staff that will help them enhance the standards and the lessons they are teaching in the classroom.

In these short weeks, I've learned about so many wonderful resources that will enhance my library program. I will definitely be utilizing and sharing all of the sites from each of the modules with my colleagues at our next faculty meeting.

I especially want to highlight and share the different sites to create flashcards, bookmarking favorite sites, rubrics, online quizzes and online collaboration. The PowerPoint review game will be a hit with my students as well as the image manipulation I already discussed using this app with one of the my colleagues to have the students transform their own pictures into the animal that they have chosen to research. This should make for a GREAT project.

My technology goals:

  • Incorporate Edmodo into my library program
  • Create online quizzes for each unit of study
  • Create PowerPoint review game for each unit of study
  • Use collaboration software with colleagues to connect the classroom and the library more

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