The study of biological systems often plays a key role in the systems engineering of a project and also forms the field of bionics

Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design construction and operation of robotics. The design of a given robotic system will often incorporate principles of mechanical, electrical, computer engineering.

Isaac Asimov formulated 3 laws of robotics.

Robotics can be used for mostly anything.

Industrial robots are electronically controlled, both programmable and reprogrammable to carry out certain tasks with high precision and accuracy

Possibly the worst part of robotic application is in military use, as it may curtail human life

Robots are used in healthcare much more frequently than they have been in the past; since human hands can make mistakes during intricate, technical surgical procedures, robots have been designed and programmed to complete the surgeries mistake-free.

Medical robotics is managed by physicians through computerized consoles. The consoles may be near the patients, or at an external site instead of upholding it. You can conquer or be conquered with a robot.
Robots can also be used to perform military operations that might not be safe for human beings to complete

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