Historical Persona Project:
Justice Sonya Sotomayor

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Research Questionnaire.

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Research Questionnaire:

Historical Picture- Sonya Sotomayor

Sources- Wikipedia.com / Achieve Article/ The New York Times News


Where do you live.? - New York City “The Bronx”
New York

What Ethnicity/Nationality are you.?- Puerto Rican

How did your family influence your life.?- New York

What was your occupation, and how did you contribute it with your work.?- She was
a judge and Barack Obama and asked her to be on the Supreme Court.

What Type of Education do you have.?- Yale Law School 1979- Princeton University- 1976
and Cardinal Spellman High School

What Will People Remember you for.?- The things she did and all
The things she is working on and currently doing.

Worked and helped Firefighters
When denied promotions. Lawsuit by white firefighters.

Why did the person writing about you pick you for your project.?- Because I think she was an
interesting project and very cool person

What were some key events happening in society during your Lifetime.?- Many things. During her lifetime and also her family wasnt treated right a lot of the time.

What else should we know about you.?- She was a very cool and interesting person.

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Characterization Artifact.

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Creative Writing,

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Dear Diary,

I met the most exciting person I think I ever met before. Her name was Justice Sony Sotomayor. She was a very interesting person, she told me how since she was a little girl she wanted to be on the Supreme Court as a judge. She said how when she was a little girl she had kinda a hard life. She told how hard life she had and her family had. Then she began to tell me why she wanted to be a judge and told me why she wanted to be a judge. Then she told me how know that she is older she became a judge and told me how President Obama accepted her to be on the Supreme Court. And she told me how happy she was to be on the Supreme Court and telling me how she likes her job and helping decide and do things. I think Justice Sonya Sotamyor is a very nice and good person and this is why I think she's an interesting Person.