World War One: Advanced Weapons of War


The Tank which was developed by the British in 1916 gave soldiers a more secure and reliable way to travel across the new terrain. The later versions of the tank consisted of a large hulk of steel that had a large cannon on it that could fire large shells capable of killing many of the enemy. However the first tanks just had a machine gun on them in terms of armament. Tanks could ram through mud walls while still providing cover for the soldiers on the ground. Many tanks were resistant to light arms fire. Therefore, the inhabitants would be more safe than if they were in a canvas covered truck.


The Submarine was created by the Germans and it proved to be be a valuable asset during World War 1. Submarine had the capabilities to travel through the water without making a whole lot of noise. When they were underwater the water would absorb quite a bit of that noise so boats on the surface couldn't detect the submarine.

                      Machine Guns

The machine gun revolutionized the battle field. With such a weapon attacking or defending armies were able to fire hundreds or possibly even thousands of rounds by the end of the war in a minute. Machine guns had the capability to inflict massive amounts of damage on invading or defending forces. The machine gun revolutionized modern warfare and is now a staple of militaries around the world.

                           Poison Gas

Contrary to popular belief poison gas was originally used by the French during the 1st month of the war. The French fired tear gas grenades at the Germans which gave them the idea to start looking into further development of chemical weapons. After a couple failed attempts the Germans were able to perfect their tear gas concoctions. The main ingredient their concoctions was chlorine gas. It caused choking and within seconds it would cause severe damage to the opponent's respiratory organs; soon after they would die.


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