Blast to the past
By: Graylon Hughes

Dear Classmates,

I have mysteriously went back in time to the time of Egyptians in 5000 BC. It has been interesting to study the way that they where able to build the pyramids and the sphinx. They are building a pyramid for the pharaoh Scorpion. I have been studying their landscape and the climate where they built the pyramid. The climate where they build the pyramids in Egypt is a very hot and dry desert. I am not used to extreme temperature but have been able to survive. I have not found away to return home. I have notice that they can not see me or hear me it is like I do not exist. No one has spoken to me since I have arrived it is very lonely. I have a suspicion that one person can hear my but it is unclear. I yelled and he was the only one that moved as if he was frightened. I was going to approcah him but he vanished. I walk through the town looking for him and as I walk I see lots of build,ings which are all made of stone. The roads where not paved and there where no power lines it was like a whole new plantet. I see the man in the house I walk in and I notice that there is no TV, stove, or refrigerator. I ask the man if he could hear me and he answer. I talked to him and he was in the same predicament I was in and he said there is no way back.

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