Tools of the Trade
    By: Lakyah Davis


Edmodo: is an educational website that  helps students catch up on homework or do homework.Teachers and students can talk to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems,helpful tips,and students can do tests. The benefits of this website is helping students with work or projects. Website: Videos:


Remind:is a website that teachers can use to text student about important things in the class room (homework), and keep in-touch with parents. The benefits of this website is for teachers to associate with the students and or parents.Website:// is a website were anyone can make image presentations or give off information using images and having text boxes explaining. The benefits of this website is to show a visual of things on a computerized poster. Website: Video:


Tackk: is a website were you can create simple websites. The benefits of this website is to share your projects and to see others. Website: Video:

the IB Design cycle

IB Design cycle: is to help us create and evaluate solutions to challenges.The benefits of this cycle is understanding the steps it takes to get to your solution.

inquiring and analyzing: you have to explain and justify what the problem may be.

Developing ideas: you create your own design, own way of thinking of how to substitute for the problem.

Creating the solution: when you create your solution make a plan so you figure out your way getting what you want.

Evaluating: have testing methods to go through the process with you so you can know what to take out an put in.


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