Saturn V

Anjel M, Melissa H, Hailey W                      Period 5                     March 25, 2015

The Saturn V was a rocket ship to send people into space. the Saturn I (1) and IB (1b) were used to send people into orbit.First Saturn V was launched in 1967. it was called Apollo 4.Apollo 6 was launched in 1968. Both rockets without crews. These launches tested Saturn V rockets .Apollo  8 was the first Saturn V to be launched with crews. They orbited the moon but did not land. Apollo 9 the crew tested moon landed by flying in earths orbit without landing.On Apollo 10,the saturn V launched lunar lander to the moon. The saturn V also helped land apollo 12,14,15,16,and 17 on the moon. the last saturn V was launvhed in1973 without the crews. it was used to launch the skylab space station into orbit.


The Saturn V was developed at NASA Marshall space flight center in Huntsville,Ala. it was one of the 3 types of Saturn rockets NASA built. 2 smaller rockets Saturn 1 and lb where also built.


the Saturn v that launched the Skylab space station only had 2 stages. the Saturn rockets used for the Apollo missions had 3 stages.each stage burned engines till out of fuel then separate from the rocket ship. the first stage had the most powerful engines since it had the challenging task of successfully making the rocket lift off.the first stage lifted the rocket to about 68 kilometers (42 miles). the second stage carried the rocket from there into orbit or close too orbit.the third stage would put the rocket in the orbit completely and pushed it towards the moon.the first two stages fell into the ocean after their uses.the third stage either stayed in orbit or hit the moon.


The Saturn v rocket was 111 meters (363 feet) tall.thats 18 meters(60 feet) taller then the statue of liberty.fully fueled the Saturn V weighed 2.8 milliograms (6.2 million pounds) the weight was equal to about 400 elephants.Rocket generated millionaire newtons(7.6 million pounds) of thrust at could launch 118,000 kilograms (130 tons) into orbit.and could launch about 43,500 kilograms (50 tons) to the moon. that's about the same as four school buses. the Saturn v was used last for launching Apollo 17.The Saturn V is now Apollo/Saturn V center of the Kennedy space center.

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