My Income & Career Goal Investigation
by: Ashely Holden
Computer Science Class - Period 2 Completed: 10 March 2014
Description of my Search:

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The results of my Vocational Choice Survey (A) showed that showed that I am a Lawyer. According to the College and Career (AA) handout the three career choices I made were Lawyer, Camp director, and Travel agent.

After consulting with my partner, I decided to look more closely at becoming a Lawyer, because looking at how much money a Lawyer makes is a lot and the median annual wages of all wage-and-salaried lawyers were $110,590. i would also like to become a Layer, Because they try there best to help people that need help and they don't turn there backs on people that need help.

I will need to complete high school, and I would need to go to Yale University, because Yale University was ranked as the top law school in the United States by the U.S., and I will also have to go 4 years of college, followed by 3 years of law school. After I do that I will have to take a test to become certified as a Lawyer.

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I would love to work in Philadelphia, but I would also like to go to Yale University to became a lawyer. So I plan on going to Yale University and then when I am done I will go back to Philadelphia.

Yale University Link
Address: New Haven, CT 06520
Phone:(203) 432-4771

I am excited to start my new career path as soon as possible.