by: Cassidy Norris

¡Hola! ¡Welcome to Venezuela! Let me tell you about this beautiful country.

Capital- Caracas

Official Language- Spanish

Currency- Venezuelan bolívar

Population- Approximately 29,100,000

Government- Presidential System

Location- South America


Bonche- Party

Jalar Bola- Sweet talk

Ianda Vale!- word filler with no specific meaning


This Angel Falls. It is a very popular attraction in Venezuela.

This is Kaieteur Falls. This place is shared by Venezuela and Gayana. This is a popular tourist spot.

This is Mochima National Park. There are many attractions here such at coral reefs, mangroves, and tropical dry forests.


Empanadas are a very common/typical food found in Venezuela. An empanada is fried bread usually filled with cheese and meat.

Hallaca's are a tradition around the christmas holiday. The whole family participates in the making of hallaca's.



The climate is described as tropical. Which means hot and humid.


The geography of Venezuela varies. There are many mountains, but there are also flatlands.

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Level Four

The picture above shows the national holiday National Women's Day. The Venezuelan holiday is celebrated on March 8th.

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