Ice Ice Baby

How did I make the theme my own?

I froze different color Powerades into ice cubes and then I stacked them in my backyard.

What do I like about my photo?

I love the pop of color from my photo and the purple/pinkish grass is pretty cool to look at.

What would I change about my photo?

I would change the angle of the picture to make it more interesting.

What actions did I run and what did I do with these actions?

I used CoffeeShop ColorPop and played with the main, red, and blue levels. As for a final touch I used Define and Sharpen to clean up the photo.

What did I use to take my photo?

Nikon D3200

What photo from last week do I think is the best and why?

From last week's theme of Where I'm from I liked Monica Regan's photograph. I liked it because she did a nice job in capturing the detail in the wood.