By Dilina and Simone

Fun facts about Peanuts

Peanuts have been thought to have originated in Peru and were first found in Brazil by the Europeans. There is no solid proof of this, but, the people of the region incorporated peanut designs into their art. Peanuts are used all around the world at this point (the only exception being Oceania). Considering that peanuts originated in the new world, explorers are the main reason they spread to other regions. Peanuts caused an increase in protein intake. There were not many animals in the new world which meant that the people were not getting the protein that they needed. After the integration of peanuts throughout the new world, people were able to increase their protein intake.

Some recipes that utilize peanuts outside of the new world is Sambar, Gado-Gado, and Mafe. Sambar is from India. Gado-Gado is from Indonesia. Mafe is from Africa.

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