Consumer Bill of Rights

Consumers have a few basic rights that protect them from unsafe products or deceitful advertising. It wasn't until presidents Nixon and Kennedy that these rights were really emphasized.

Right to Safe Products

Consumers have to right to a safe product that will not harm their health or their lives. Consumers have the right to be sure that products won't harm them or malfunction.

Right to be Informed

Consumers have the right to honest advertising that protects them from fraudulent, deceitful, or grossly misleading information and to be given the information they need to make informed decision

Right to Choose

Consumers have the right to choose what product they will get. This protects consumers from monopolies that force them to buy one product

Right to be Heard

Consumers have the right to voice their opinion if they find a product dissatisfying or if they have concerns and it guarantees that companies will listen to complaints

Right to Redress

Consumers have the right to receive adequate compensation if they are harmed by a company's product either financially or physically

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